A Long Walk

With Lin's murderous and greedy intent leading them through the twisted wastes of Oinos, the party continue to march for Wuvroth's lair. Having destroyed the Larvae which would have made the alternate payment for Dagania's demands. Plodding the swamps for a couple hours, the party are set upon a pair of scorpion-tailed, hyena-like Abyssal Ravagers. The Ravagers get the jump on Ivellios, stinging him with their vicious tails and incapacitating him with their poison. Erthim and the others rush in to combat and dispatch the filthy canine beasts, but not before one stings Erthim, sapping his strength as well.

Lin comes to the aid of his helpless comrade. Loading him on to a levitating disc until Erthim can cure his grievous poison injuries. After resting for an extended period to recover their literal and figurative strength, the party sets out once more to hunt the black dragon.

After slogging through waist-deep swampwater, the party halts as Erthim signals the presence of a powerful evil aura. The party deduce the dragon to be asleep in a deeper part of the bog, but Bren crashes around after failing to be stealthy, and Wuvroth is awoken, immediately surfacing from the swamp in front of Lin. Luckily, the party was mostly prepared and have the jump on the beast.

Despite this, Wuvroth opens the combat by blasting Lin flat on his ass and searing Bren with his acid breath weapon. The party tear into the black dragon, pulling no punches. As the battle rages, Wuvroth taunts and questions the adventurers' sanity for attacking him on his home terrain. He quickly deduces that his nemesis Dagania sent them, and they are foolish enough to follow her suggestion. Bren and Ivellios take potshots at the perched dragon with their bows while Erthim rushes to help Lin, and Wuvroth atrophies Erthim with a Ray of Enfeeblement. With Lin back on his feet, Wuvroth swoops in for the kill, pummeling Bren with his teeth, claws, and wings, and whips Ivellios with his mighty tail. As Wuvroth continues to taunt, Erthim gets his attention by verbally degrading Dagania, trying to appeal to the mighty beast's even mightier ego. Wuvroth continues to battle Bren and Ivellios, leaving Erthim to try to reel him in diplomatically. Despite the brawl, Wuvroth seems interested to offer the party a deal for leading him to the village of Chameno Meros.

Meanwhile, Ivellios remarks "It's too bad dragons lack creativity." Wuvroth doesn't take to the remark kindly, and turns on Ivellios, nearly tearing him apart under a flurry of blows. Erthim continues to try to hold Wuvroth's attention, hoping to draw the heat from the embattled and vulnerable rogue. By now, Wuvroth is in a bad mood and bowls right over Bren to engage Erthim for his insolence. Erthim shouts that Wuvroth is unwise to lust for power and wealth, as he smites the dragon with his sword. Still on his feet, Wuvroth contines to rage and ravage the intrepid paladin, but the concentrated flurry of blows from the whole party finally have Wuvroth on the ropes. He tries to fly and recoup, but Bren leaps up after him and delivers the fatal blow.

The party gather around the fallen creature, debating on how best to find the location of his hoard. After some debate on whether to rouse the dying Wuvroth, Bren reasons that it is unlikely he would reveal the location of his wealth, and Erthim delivers the coup d'grace. Bren and Lin set at once to dismembering the beast for its hide (and Lin collects more than a little of its blood), while Ivellios and Erthim slog out into the swamp to find its lair. Eventually, Erthim locates the lair underwater in the deepest part of the filthy bog. As he explores the multi-chambered burrow, Ivellios follows him in and the two load up hundreds of pounds of coin and other treasure.

By the time they return, Bren and Lin have almost finished butchering the dragon, and the party sets up camp in Lin's magical cabit, assured that other enemies will stay away from the dragon's known territory. The next day, they set out toward town once more, with Bren falling ill under the plane's pernicious energies along the way.

Upon arriving back in the relative safety of Chameno Meros, Agamedes pulls them aside to inform them that their ally Roswitha has been murdered.


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